iiNet Cable - Anyone setup up a Mesh WiFi System? : Geelong

Looking at options to setup a mesh wifi system on iiNet Cable Internet. Has anyone done this? What mesh system you used? Or is it advisable to use a high quality WiFi Router rather than the mesh system? Mine is a 2 BR unit, the current modem supplied by iiNet is a Technicolor EPC3940L. NOTE: This is a cable modem and not NBN.

How to setup my VoIP function on VoIP Modem Router? (new ...

Step 3. Choose Other as telephony provider if yours is not listed and fill in parameters required. Click Save to make the settings effective. Phone Number: The number you use to dial and answer. Registrar Address: Usually a domain name, if not, an IP address. Authentication ID and Password: Not necessary information, but if you have, fill them in.

TG-789 Broadband Gateway

smartphones to your modem's WiFi network using the details on the Default Wireless Settings card found in the box. WiFi settings are also printed on the sticker on the base of your modem. 5. Alternatively, use the yellow-tipped Ethernet cable to connect a computer's Ethernet port to any of the yellow LAN ports. 6.

Solved: Orbi RBR20 setup for NBN - NETGEAR Communities

We've recently been connected to HFC NBN through iiNet and can't get the Orbi to work anymore. Current setup is NBN box Arris CM8200 with Cat5 cable into the WAN port of TP link AC1600 modem/router. This provides inadequate Wifi coverage for our house. I have tried connecting the Orbi to the TP link AC1600 via ethernet with no luck.

Getting VOIP to work with NBN HFC and iiNet (TPG) | Data ...

What I needed to fix was the VOIP service I previously had and that had worked with my FritzBox 7390 ADSL Modem/Router now does not work. So TPG who own the VOIP service for iiNet won't disclose the login/password credentials. As a result you have to use their supplied Huawei HG659 router/modem to use the VOIP service.

iiNet TG-789 Modem Locked to IINET? - Technicolor

I have successfully got my iiNet TG-789 v2 Modem working with Mate Communicate (letsbemates) FTTN nbn. Basically what you gotta do is 1). Root your modem (Gain root access so we can load what we need on there) 2. Load on a custom GUI so we can access the more advanced setup options to connect to Mate using VDSL and PPoE

D8500 (Modem Router) Cant connect to iinet VDSL - NETGEAR ...

If you encounter a setting that isn't listed here (e.g. MTU) in your modem's Setup Wizard/Quick Setup then it should be fine to leave it as the default. The above is from the ISPs online guide. I've tried manually entering the DNS, setting to auto, changing to the correct VLAN, changing the provider name from iinet to TransACT (another ...

WiFi Modem Details | iiHelp - iiNet

Home Wireless Broadband plans. Smart Modem Gateway (VX420-G2H) Mandatory for Home Wireless Broadband. 4 x Gigabit Ethernet ports. Dual band WiFi with band steering (5GHz AC & 2.4GHz B/G/N) Note: You'll be able to keep using this modem if you switch to NBN™. The Home Wireless Broadband SIM card will not work in other devices.

iiNet Broadband Settings List | iiHelp

Settings required to configure your modem for iiNet services. If you encounter a setting that isn't listed here (e.g. MTU) in your modem's Setup Wizard/Quick Setup then simply leave it as the default.

Get more from your wireless internet with iiNet's Wireless ...

3) Then press the Wireless Protected System (WPS) key on the Wireless modem or Wireless Router. If you do not have WPS on your modem, you can follow the manual setup wizard process in the brochure that comes with your modem. 4) Once the iiNet Wireless Extender is connected to the Wireless modem, you simply move the Wireless Extender to a ...

How to set up your TP-Link VR1600v modem - TPG Community

Wi-Fi Setup . Modem physical setup - NBN FTTN/FTTB Wireless and NBN HFC . Modem physical setup - NBN FTTP . 1. Depending on your NBN connection type, connect one of the following; 1a. If there is no NBN Connection Box installed, Connect the DSL port on the back of your router to your phone wall socket ; 1b.

iiNet Modem Resources | iiHelp

This page will link you to all the support resources (such as setup guides, videos and troubleshooting) for modems currently sold by the iiNet Group.

ADSL Modem / router full bridge mode tutorial

Testing Modem is in bridge mode requires you set up a ppp session in windows as below. PC setup for running PPPoE (for Windows): Go to the Control Panel from the Start Menu. Click Network Connections. Under the Wizard heading – click "New Connection Wizard". At the Network Connection Type screen, click "Connect to the Internet".

Changing DNS settings in iiNet TG-789 router - Modems/Routers

I can change them in my Mac fine, but I'd like to change the settings in our iiNet router so that all our devices on the wi-fi network can benefit. Router is TG-789, branded iiNet although suppled by Internode. (I believe its similar to the TG-1 in many ways).

Modem to router bridging guide -

This is a guide to bridging an xDSL (e.g. ADSL2+ or VDSL2) modem to a separate router. Discussions about this entry take place at Modems/Routers > Modem to router bridging guide.Wiki..Discussions about bridging specifically under IPoE take place at Aussie Broadband, FTTN, and bridging. Inspired by Pete Y Testing's "ADSL Modem / Router full bridge mode tutorial".

Solved: Issues with D6220 connecting with Iinet NBN ...

Re: Issues with D6220 connecting with Iinet NBN. @mikepondy wrote: Once changed to "Must use Ethernet WAN" apply > reboot was ok. Yes, that's the "router mode" move for a modem/router. Unfortunately, getting there can be slightly different depending on the model of your modem/router. Glad you sorted it.

Modem safety tips | The iiNet Blog

Router most settings will be changed by the Modem so its 20 digit wireless passwords and 16 digit for the interface all in a MS worddoc. Installed on a USB drive with password security check both the Network folder for "guests" and a speed check after your online these are baseline readings if they swing wildly then you may have a guest.

Nighthawk Model D7800 and NBN with Iinet - Netgear

Re: Nighthawk Model D7800 and NBN with Iinet. Look at the manual to see how to use your D7800 modem/router with a cable service. It is no use as a modem. You don't have DSL. When you reset it, that wipes out any settings needed to get it into router mode. Just another user.

Modem+router recommendations for nbn fttn with iinet : nbn

I plugged in a standard router/modem supplied by iinet and my internet has been working perfectly fine since. So, in my experience, netgear D622 is not compatible with NBN FTTB. 4 comments. share. save. hide. report. Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by: best.

Configure your modem - iiNet Toolbox

If you purchased your modem elsewhere, please refer to the setup guide that came in the box. If you need a hand, no worries - just give our friendly Support Team a …

BYO WiFi Router Set up | SkyMesh

1:Log in to your router's setup page. Most of the time this is either: or. If prompted to log in, the default username and password should be admin. You can also find. with your router. 2: You'll need to configure your router for DHCP for all SkyMesh services. This can be.

Can I use any modem with iinet? : australia

As long as the modem you buy supports the technology in use (adsl/nbn), then use what you like. I've been on iiNet for ten years, and haven't used their modems once. 6. level 2. damiankw. · 4y. And just an FYI for anyone reading this thread and wondering, with nearly all Australian ISP's this is the case.

How to guide: Optimise your WiFi | The iiNet Blog

Once you know which WiFi channel to use, you'll need to change the channel your WiFi modem's settings. We've got a guide on how to do this for all modems currently and previously sold by iiNet here. If you have a third party WiFi modem, please visit the manufacturer's website for support information or try running a Google search for a ...

How to boost your WiFi signal | The iiNet Blog

If you still need to use the older 2.4GHz WiFi network, we have a guide for switching to the best WiFi channel on iiNet modem routers here. If you have a third party WiFi modem, please visit the manufacturer's website for support information or try running a Google search for a guide.

iiNet Bridged modem for FTTN - Modems/Routers

I've checked the wiki, and so far it seems inconclusive as to whether any of the iiNet modems support bridged mode. Currently have an R7000 running DD-WRT, and I want to keep it in my setup. Should I be looking at an off the shelf modem from a shop in order to do this or is one of the iiNet supplied modems actually bridge capable.

How to get the most out of your home WiFi | The iiNet Blog

I have an iinet TG-789 modem/router. It is unfortunately not located in the most ideal position for WiFi penetration. I have looked online extensively for a current WiFi-6 modem/router but cannot find a WiFi-6 modem, never mind a combined unit.

How to connect Netgear Nighthawk X4S D7800 to iinet NBN HFC

5. Once logged in to your modems admin panel, click the "Advanced" tab, then click the "Setup" menu button, then click "WAN Setup" 6. In the "WAN Setup" screen, select "Must use Ethernet WAN" as "WAN Preference". Leave all other settings as default. Then click "Apply" and wait for system to reset. 7. Under the menu button "Setup" click ...

NBN Modem Routers ISP Settings -

Settings Protocol: IPoE (Static IP) IP Address and Gateway Address Supplied – to be input to modem/router FTTP VLAN : Not Required FTTN/B VLAN: 100 HFC VLAN : 100 Login: No login required Static IP Address. iiNet Check out our friendly Broadband Settings page for the most up-to-date settings for iiNet Broadband connections! Internode Settings ...

AC WiFi: What you need to know | The iiNet Blog

If your modem router was supplied by iiNet in the last few years, such as our TG-789 Broadband Gateway, it's pretty likely that it has AC WiFi ready to go! Here's a quick list of other routers we've sold and supplied in the past that also have AC WiFi: Cable Gateway Pro; Budii Lite; Huawei HG659 Home router for NBN™ HFC

Setting up your NBN using a BYO modem - Spintel

You may also try the following settings: Log into your modem as per the manufacturer's instructions, look for "Automatic Setup", "Setup Wizard" or "Internet Options" and enter the below information based on your NBN connection type.Wait 10-15 minutes for the modem to go online.. For FTTN/B. WAN connection type setting - VDSL2. WAN Service type setting: PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)

Solved: Nighthawk X8 D8500 how to connect to iinet with HF ...

09:37 AM. Re: Nighthawk X8 D8500 how to connect to iinet with HFC connection. As per General NBN HFC modem setup advice, Entering the settings, 6. .... Any Mode/Modulation/Interface setting should be set to Ethernet or WAN . The WAN Type/Connection Type/Encapsulation setting should be set to PPPoE.

Solved: Trying to configure D6200 modem router for iinet N ...

12:28 PM. Trying to configure D6200 modem router for iinet NBN. Hi, hoping someone can point us in the right direction. Struggling to configure our netgear modem router to work with iinet NBN. Just seems like we have settings we are supposed to set for iinet but can't find the location of the settings in Netgear Genie.

Can I use an iiNet NBN ready modem with a different ...

Hi guys, I'm on the Mate Communicate 25/5 plan and it's BYO modem so I've been looking online. Would a Budii Lite modem from iiNet with all the cables provided work? The NBN guy who came over to set up the broadband says as long as it has a VDSL cable it'll work, but I'm not sure if iiNet locks their modems like Ive been told Optus does.

router settings for NBN - iiNet

I have a Netgear R6200 router & am a little confused as to what username/password settings I should input. i've tried (username) with my toolbox password but no luck. no username/password provided, set the wan interface to DHCP. so, on the "Internet setup screen" "does your internet connection require a login" select NO.


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